Meet Sonja

The founder and owner of The Pack Up Artist

After more than a decade of employment in local churches, and five years as a stay at home mom, it is my passion to help and care for others. Whenever a friend or family member had an impending move, I found myself in their kitchen working side by side to pack up the cupboards and carefully pack the china.

As my son grew alongside other children we know, I commiserated with other moms facing rooms full of baby equipment, outgrown toys and clothes, and other “kid” paraphernalia. What do you keep for future children? Where can you easily dispose of or make money from all of those expensive supplies you bought? Who has the time to deal with it all while children are underfoot?

In recent months, I have aided families facing the loss of a loved one. The emotional turmoil and details in the end of life process can lead them to feel paralyzed and exhausted. I have been honored to take the burden of cleaning out their loved ones living space off of their plate, and allowing them to focus on their grief, not the leftover “stuff!”

As a daughter to 81 and 65 year old parents, I have experienced first-hand the anxiety and trepidation elders feel as they adjust to a new stage in life. The daunting task of downsizing a home filled with decades of memorabilia can be debilitating. I walk side by side with my clients, making a stressful event a manageable situation.

Over the years I have found that my enjoyment of organizing spaces is not just a “helpful habit” but instead an asset in my life and for others around me. When friends come to visit and inquire about how I keep my house so tidy, I find myself overflowing with excitement to share my tricks and techniques. Much like a personal trainer or sports coach, I am eager to share what comes naturally to me with others who may struggle. I want others to feel peace in their homes and less stress over managing their living space.

My dedication and compassion to supporting you in your transition or tasks is reliable and trustworthy. I believe every client deserves my kindness, respect, and non-judgment of their situation.

It is my goal to make the DAUNTING task of de-cluttering DOABLE! My skills are cultivated from a high energy demeanor, tenacious desire to help others, and natural ability to find creative solutions to complex problems. If you find that your “stuff” has taken over your life, call me today and we’ll face it together!