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Dorothy* was downsizing from a 3,500 square foot house to a 1,200 square foot apartment. Having lived in her home for 30+ years, she had accumulated a lot of things that needed to be sorted, packed, sold or donated.

Throughout the entire 80 hour process, Sonja (The Pack Up Artist) worked with Dorothy to support her and recommend best strategies for her situation. The coaching process helped her realize what items she could let go of, and which items she needed to keep.

The Pack Up Artist helped with coordinating a moving sale, lining up a dumpster, moving company, and giving recommendations on realtors and handymen. Services also included helping with more than 15 loads of items donated, and selling two classic cars.

Size: 3,500 sf home

Hours: 80

Duration: 2.5 months

Services: Sort, pack, coaching, donating, coordinating moving and disposal services

*name has been changed.

The Pack Up Artist Success Story Dorothy





The Pack Up Artist, Michelle Success Story

Michelle was about to leave her parent’s house for a year in Milwaukee, and she was given an ultimatum: Get all your things into your room and put away, or we’ll get rid of it all for you!

Michelle’s items had basically taken over the whole house, and scattered across her room. With things unorganized and piling up, Michelle needed help quickly, as her departure was fast approaching.

Michelle called The Pack Up Artist, and over the course of two days, they sorted, cleaned and packed away 90% of her belongings into her room.

This included labeling and organizing, and making sure everything was still accessible.

Michelle was able to leave with the relief that her parents would not have to deal with her mess in her absence, and also something to look forward upon her return!



After his divorce, the last thing Chris wanted to do was sort through his two daughters (ages six and eight) items. They had accumulated toys, books, games and had more clothes than they had storage for.The clutter was overwhelming, especially at that time in their life.

The Pack Up Artist helped Chris and his family to organize and downsize their belongings.

The Pack Up Artist began by working with the family to determine what needed to go, and what should stay. From there, the items were organized and sorted, and put away. The items that the girls had out-grown were donated, and the remaining items were organized to suit their shifting lifestyle, making it easier to find the items they need.

The Pack Up Artist eased the frustration of downsizing and organizing, and removed a burden from a family going through a difficult time.

Size: 2 rooms, 1 large closet; approx 160 SF

Hours: 10

Services: Sort, pack, coaching, donating