It Starts
With Empathy

We understand the emotional struggle you face with downsizing and letting go of belongings. Trust our dedication and compassion for supporting your task or transition. You deserve kindness and respect without judgment of your situation.

Our Client Testimonials

“We are so, so thankful for Sonja & her crew at The Pack Up Artist for coming in and helping us. There was no judgment (even as I kept my concert ticket stubs) only laughs at some of the memories we/they found buried in boxes.
Not going to lie, the first night was tough as I thought about all of the stuff we had already junked or donated. In the end, it was soooooo worth it! One could roller skate in the basement now! Now to figure out what to do with all that space!”

“Sonja and her team helped my wife and I pack up our house as we were getting ready to move out. They made the packing process less stressful with our busy work schedules. They did a great job and were diligent with their packing. We would highly recommend The Pack Up Artist to anyone.”

“Sonja was great to work with she was very knowledgeable professional and has a very positive attitude about the work that she does I would definitely recommend her for any of the services that The Pack Up Artist provides.”

“Sonja is absolutely amazing! She’s fast, detail oriented and efficient. I love that her company takes the time to thoughtfully donate or recycle instead of throwing in the landfill. I would definitely recommend The Pack Up Artist company to friends and family looking for a job well done.”

We’re More Than Just A Packing Company

We offer…


We show compassion, NOT judgment. Everyone struggles to keep up on life. Clutter is COMMON, and we’re here to help!


Our staff is trained to swiftly categorize and sort items, saving you time and money. We RESPECT your belongings, without the attachment that slows down the process.


We disperse leftover items to local, nonprofit, community organizations, recycling centers, and aspiring artists to upcycle your items, and minimize landfill contribution.


Remember the Energizer Bunny? That’s just like us! We do the physical labor for you and keep going until the job is done!


Whether you have a tiny kitchen with minimal storage, or a room full of memorabilia, we offer creative solutions to organize the space.

Let Us Take The STRESS Out Of Your MESS!