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Workshop Downsize & Organize

For Joe, an avid woodworker, and Maureen, a furniture refinisher and restoration specialist, sharing a workshop had quickly become a stressful and counterproductive situation! Maureen and Joe had several projects to catch up on, and were running out of usable work space! Not to mention the frustration of how to organize their supplies effectively and […]

Whole-House Clear Out

After Susan’s parents passed away, she and her siblings were left with a house full of memories and STUFF to deal with. For more than 6 months, they went through boxes and closets, and attempted to prepare the house to be sold. As spring approached, and the ideal time to sell the home was upon […]

Are Antiques…Antiquated?

I never paid much attention to antiques. For most of my life I considered them “leftover stuff;” usually dusty and taking up space, not something of great value, or worth paying a storage unit to preserve. Recently, my perspective has shifted. While I never intended for The Pack Up Artist to be involved with antiques, […]

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle has a Whole New Meaning!

The Pack Up Artist was honored to receive the 2018 Excellence in Recycling award from Green Lights Recycling in Blaine, MN! When I started this business in 2015, I thought I knew what it meant to “reuse” items. With almost every job we took on, we made runs to donation centers, and filled dumpsters, and […]

Ultimate Unpacking

Who doesn’t love a “before and after” comparison? Here is what happens when you bring The Pack Up Artist in for a 3 hour sort and UNpacking session! (We do it all!)

How Long to Keep Paperwork

Ahhh paperwork…. I agree with most of the times in this article , but in my experience having electronic records (bank statements, etc.) is a HUGE space saver and can easily be downloaded onto an external hard drive. And a hard drive is MUCH lighter than a huge metal filing cabinet!!

How Much is Your Stuff Worth?

One of the most difficult parts of my job is having to tell a client that their belongings aren’t worth as much as they had hoped, or that others may not want something that they have cherished. If you’ve attended one of our downsizing seminars, or chatted with me personally, you’ve probably heard me say […]