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Passover & Decluttering

I follow one of my favorite actresses, Mayim Bialik, from “The Big Bang Theory” (and 1990s “Blossom!”) on Instagram and she taught me something new today! I had no idea that the holiday Passover involves decluttering! (See explanation on photo below) It’s the season, Jewish or otherwise, to shine some light into those dark places […]

Chris & Kids Clutter Chaos

After his divorce, the last thing Chris wanted to do was sort through his two daughters’ (ages six and eight) items. They had accumulated toys, books, games, and more clothes than they had storage for. The clutter was overwhelming, especially at that time in their life. The Pack Up Artist helped Chris and his family […]

Michelle’s Milwaukee Move

Michelle was about to leave her parent’s house for a year in Milwaukee, and she was given an ultimatum: Get all your things into your room and put away, or we’ll get rid of it all for you! Michelle’s items had basically taken over the whole house, and scattered across her room. With things unorganized […]