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Local Friends: Pianocycle

Do you ever wonder what happens to a piano when the owner no longer has need for it? If you’ve ever tried to sell a piano, you likely discovered that the cost to MOVE a piano is a huge hinderance to rehoming it! That’s where Pianocycle comes in! Pianocycle is a local company that relocates, […]

Cross Coast Clean Up

John needed to sell his parents’ home in Minneapolis but lived on the West Coast. Our team was able to go in and sort/organize all rooms in the house, then via cell phone, go through all items to see if he wanted to keep, donate, or toss them. It is never an easy process for […]

Donation Dream

Patricia was a lifetime artist, master crafter and entertainer. She had accumulated so many fabulous supplies over the years. When it came time to downsize and clear out her house for resale, she needed our help! Due to COVID restrictions at the time, our team came in on a week-to-week basis; organizing room by room, […]