Workshop Downsize & Organize

For Joe, an avid woodworker, and Maureen, a furniture refinisher and restoration specialist, sharing a workshop had quickly become a stressful and counterproductive situation! Maureen and Joe had several projects to catch up on, and were…

Whole-House Clear Out

After Susan’s parents passed away, she and her siblings were left with a house full of memories and STUFF to deal with. For more than 6 months, they went through boxes and closets, and attempted to prepare the house to be sold. As spring…

Garage Revamp

We cleared this garage out in order to downsize and then organized everything that was left. This project spanned 2 days with 2 staff.

Ultimate Unpacking

Who doesn't love a "before and after" comparison? Here is what happens when you bring The Pack Up Artist in for a 3 hour sort and UNpacking session! (We do it all!)

Craft Room Clutter

We don't just clean up big messes, we organize and downsize smaller spaces as well! Check out a recent craft room done by our team member Suzi!

Chris & Kids Clutter Chaos

After his divorce, the last thing Chris wanted to do was sort through his two daughters' (ages six and eight) items. They had accumulated toys, books, games, and more clothes than they had storage for. The clutter was overwhelming, especially…

Michelle’s Milwaukee Move

Michelle was about to leave her parent’s house for a year in Milwaukee, and she was given an ultimatum: Get all your things into your room and put away, or we’ll get rid of it all for you! Michelle’s items had basically taken…