One of the most difficult parts of my job is having to tell a client that their belongings aren’t worth as much as they had hoped, or that others may not want something that they have cherished.

If you’ve attended one of our downsizing seminars, or chatted with me personally, you’ve probably heard me say “we live in an IKEA generation.” It’s not a hard and fast rule that antiques aren’t worth as much as they may have been a few decades ago- but more and more younger folks put less value or meaning in their “stuff,” maybe because we have so much MORE stuff NOW than generations before us.

Nevertheless- Forbes has a great article to guide you on what to donate (you get a write off of fair market value for donations- often this is MUCH more valuable than the few dollars you might get selling it!) and what to let go of, cuz folks…the kids just don’t want anymore STUFF!