Whole-House Clear Out

After Susan’s parents passed away, she and her siblings were left with a house full of memories and STUFF to deal with. For more than 6 months, they went through boxes and closets, and attempted to prepare the house to be sold. As spring approached, and the ideal time to sell the home was upon them, SO MUCH work was yet to be done. Enter The Pack Up Artist!

Based on a recommendation from their estate lawyer, they contacted us to finish the job quickly and take the stress out of the remaining mess!

Our crew sorted and cleared the entire home, setting aside found memorabilia for the family’s consideration, as well as potentially valuable antiques they could consider selling. While they did not have the time or desire to do an estate sale, we were able to connect them with a reputable consignment company, and assist them in selling other items themselves.

Within two weeks of the clear out, the home sold and our clients couldn’t be more excited to have this project behind them!

Personalized stress relief!

As our team tackled the clutter in the house, we discovered that beautiful hardwood floors were hidden underneath the old, dingy carpet. While we are NOT professional carpet removers, our clients had a great opportunity and minimal time to increase the beauty of the home by pulling up the carpet.

Our staff jumped into action and loaded the dumpster with the cruddy carpet, and the beautiful floors brought new life into the space! We pride ourselves in a personalized approach to our services, and we were thrilled to assist our clients in their dilemma!