Workshop Downsize & Organize

For Joe, an avid woodworker, and Maureen, a furniture refinisher and restoration specialist, sharing a workshop had quickly become a stressful and counterproductive situation!

Maureen and Joe had several projects to catch up on, and were running out of usable work space! Not to mention the frustration of how to organize their supplies effectively and share the space to suit both of their needs. Enter The Pack Up Artist!

Maureen and Joe contacted us in January, eager to tackle this project so they could use their garage again! Our crew came in and pulled EVERYTHING out of the garage (even in -10 degree weather!), sorted, downsized, and reorganized the space. We guided our clients through the decision-making process of what to keep or get rid of, and then hauled away a trailer full of donations, recycling, and debris on their behalf!

Maureen and Joe are back to their projects, getting along, and enjoying their organized and roomy new workspace!